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2024:  Hidden Cabins
Testing 1 2 3...

Here we are in June of 2024.
We haven't done this in quite some time
Almost 6 years. Yet again, here we are.

We're about to record some new songs. Definitely 2, might be 4. Heading to Cako Studios in Pen Argyle, PA for a fresh start. Back to the roots of HC we go, the core as a duo. Hardlycore? Sorry, had to—that was a solid run of tees. Anyway, back to our roots, yet you know we'll add some extra ear candy. We're already planning on it.
So, how does it feel to do Hidden Cabins again? Well we gave it a test run at an open mic after a couple of rehearsals (more casual jams than anything) at Oklawaha Brewing in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Total happenstance—& IT FELT GREAT.
Rejuvenated? Seemingly. Hazy? perhaps a bit. Stoked? You'd better believe it. We need this in our lives again.

Latest Release:
The Hidden Cabins Band

Our EP entitled The Hidden Cabins Band was released on October 12, 2018.
As the title suggests, we wanted the intent of this EP to be straight forward as possible. 
We recorded each of these songs as a 4-piece band.  Those living in the region of NY/NJ/PA have caught our spordaic band shows.  We have such a blast whenever we translate our 'eclectic duo' sound into the traditional 4-piece, so we decided it was time to bring Rich (drums) and Jay (bass guitar) into these studio sessions to lay down the back end.


Available as an ultra-limited, pre-order only 12" record (pre-orders closed); 
as well as Compact Disc / Digital on 10/12/18 via Pyyrhic Victory Recordings (USA) & Engineer Records (UK).   We celebrated with two shows the same weekend in NJ and NY.

Stream at your favorite digital hub, here's one:

2nd Act Beer is featuring us for their new beer release in conjunction with a local roaster, Boonton Coffee Co. ...& get this, they're calling it Lil' Cabin Coffee!

Lil Cabins Coffee Boonton Coffee.png



Our latest single "The Calming" is out on Combover Records latest compilation
alongside 9 other varied artists.  FREE download at the link above.


Story-line single "Bet It All On You" is available now on all of your favorite and not so favorite streaming services.  Allow a little extra time to listen.






If you check out this YouTube link, you'll see a beautiful accompanying
cinemagraph created by visual artist Kayla Surico on the HankTV channel.


Our friends in  BROTHER OCTOPUS  asked us to sing on their new album.

You can stream the result right here.

[BroOcto on the verses/HidCabs on the choruses!]






Their new album Connected Through Corals is out now.
Purchase/stream here.




Limited edition split 10-inch w/Christina Alessi available December 1st, 2015.
A Combover Records release.  Purchase physically & stream here or here.

We're not LOCAL.


Limited edition Flexi Disc 7-inch out now!
A Friends + Neighbors release in conjunction with Desert Pearl Union.
Purchase physically here or here.


[Digital on Bandcamp, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon, Rdio, iTunes]


Split 10-inch vinyl w/EYESWAN out now.   


(keeping up?)

If you'd like to keep up with our latest activities, please visit and subscribe to our network pages (buttons conveniently located next to our logo above), as they get the most current blips from us and others.  In the event of said networks capsizing, you can be sure we'll filter it here.  We may even shock you and do it before then, but as of now, follow us on Facebook -or- Twitter, okay?



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